Jogging Tips


 Personal Safety Tips

  • Jog or run with a known companion.
  • Jog or run in a familiar area that is not heavily wooded, secluded, or poorly lighted. Do not jog or run near bushes which can provide concealment.
  • Particularly if jogging or running alone, don't wear earphones.
  • Do not jog or run after dark.
  • Wear bright colored clothing to improve your visibility.
  • Carry a whistle or high decibel battery powered personal alarm device when you jog or run.
  • If followed, go to the nearest residence, business or group of people.
  • Carry your car and/or home key with you.

Encountering an Unfriendly Dog

  • Stand still and attempt to be calm. Don't scream at the dog and run.
  • Be aware of where the dog is. Look in its general direction, but don't stare into its eyes. This can be considered an aggressive challenge to a dog.
  • Let the dog sniff you.
  • In a low voice say, "No! Go home!"
  • Stay still until the dog leaves. Back away slowly until it is out of sight.
  • If a dog attacks, try to "feed" it your jacket or other item of clothing.
  • If you are knocked down or fall, curl into a ball and keep your hands over your ears and face. Try not to scream or roll around.

Campus Safety