Campus Safety Services


Lost & Found  

Campus Safety will be operating the University's Lost and Found service. Found items are maintained by Campus Safety at the main office. If you have lost an item of personal property, you can call 408.554.4441 to find out if the property was turned in.

Security Services Request

Campus Safety offers security services for events held on university property.  A minimum of two weeks notice is recommended.  To request Campus Safety security services, please complete  Special Event Security Request Form (PDF 250KB).  If you have any questions or would like to discuss the event before submitting this form, please send your email to Phil Livak  

Security Surveys 

Campus Safety conducts crime prevention surveys of offices at the request of the responsible person. The survey describes findings such as physical weaknesses, methods of increasing security and equipment protection. If you want to schedule a security survey of your office, contact our Crime Prevention Unit at 408.554.5082.

Crime and Incident Summary  

Campus Safety publishes a Crime/Incident Summary every day that reflects crimes and major incidents that occurred during the previous 24-hour period or weekend. The summary is provided to key administrators in the university and campus media.

Campus Alert

If a situation arises in which the campus community may be at special risk due to a crime incident or possible suspect, Campus Safety distributes a Crime Alert Bulletin notifying the community as quickly as possible »Info

To receive an emergency alert notice, you must be enrolled in SCU Campus Alert.  To enroll, please follow instruction here »Info 


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Event Security Request Form

Special Event Security Request Form