Employee Incidents


Supervisors have the best understanding of hazards associated with their operations and how to prevent injuries and illness from occurring. In the case of an injury to a staff or faculty member, the employees direct supervisor is responsible for notifying Human Resources of the incident. The incident will then be reviewed and corrective actions are instituted.

Employees should fill out the Employee Incident Report Form at the time of the injury. »Info 

Incidents Requiring Immediate Action

  • Serious Injuries/Illnesses or Fatalities: requires hospitalization longer than 24 hours for other than medical evaluation, loss of any body member, or serious degree of permanent disfigurement (requires Cal/OSHA reporting within 8 hours and contact Sean Collins immediately).
  • Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens: requires treatment within 2-6 hours of exposure.



Incident Reporting Process


Incident Report Form

SCU Employees download and fill out