Student and Non-Employee Incidents


Santa Clara University reviews student and non-employee incidents to prevent recurrences. The SCU contact for the student or non-employee will assists the EHS Director in collecting the necessary information. If the student is a student employee and the incident occurs while working they should fill out the Student Employee Incident Report Form.

  • Student Employee Incident Report Form »Info 
  • Student & Non-Employee Incident Report Form »Info

Injuries requiring immediate action

  • Serious Injuries/Illnesses or Fatalities: requires hospitalization longer than 24 hours for other than medical evaluation, loss of any body member, or serious degree of permanent disfigurement (requires Cal/OSHA reporting within 8 hours and contact Sean Collins immediately).
  • Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens: requires treatment within 2-6 hours of exposure.



Student Employee Incident Form

Student & Non-Employee Incident Form