Administration includes a diverse group of individuals providing a variety of systems and services, which allow other Facilities Teams to achieve excellence.

Office Staff

Jeff Charles Director of Facilities »Info
Chris Young Assistant Director, Buildings & Grounds »Info
Greg Davis  Supervisor - Building Maintenance »Info
Gary Vargas Supervisor - Grounds Maintenance  »Info
Evelyn Lopez Supervisor - Custodial Services  »Info

Auto Shop

The Auto Shop maintains the University purchased vehicles used by Operations and other  Campus departments. These vehicles support students and staff functions. 

Carlos Santos Auto Shop Mechanic                                      »Info

Custodial Services

The Custodial Crew for Santa Clara University provides a clean environment for Faculty, Staff, Students and Guests. The Custodial support is comprised of an in-house crew of approximately 15 workers as well as a contracted crew (Able). These teams support all routine maintenance as well as annual cleanings, emergency cleanup and weekend policing.  »More Information 

Facilities Services

The Facilities Crew for Santa Clara University provides all General Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance, as well as Event and Move requests. These individuals are a dedicated group that takes pride in the work they do for the campus customers. »Info 

 Submitting a Service Request

Service requests can be submitted online through the AiM system which allows for the creation of new Service Requests, as well as the ability to monitor and query for existing Requests. Faculty, Staff, and Students* are welcome to use this online tool. 

Click here to go to AiM

We highly encourage customers to submit requests Online; however, you can alternatively choose to send an email to Facilities-CSC@scu.edu or call the Customer Service Center at 408.554.4742


*Students, please access AiM through your ECampus login