Recycling & Waste


Constantly challenged in the area of recycling, this team strives to educate and promote Santa Clara University patrons in this practice. They are constantly looking for ways to make recycling as convenient as possible, while still maintaining the SCU atmosphere that so many people have grown accustomed to.

"We strive to do more than is asked of us each and every day." -Gary Vargas, Team Leader

Efficient Use of Resources

"With education in mind, this team has a goal, to reach beyond the boundaries of SCU. If they can change the way we think about recycling here on campus, it’s only natural that when each of us heads for home at the end of the day or heads home at the end of each school year, we take this new knowledge to different parts of the world". --Chris Young, Team Leader Recycling & Waste

Provided Services

Recycling of the following items:

  • Batteries
  • Books
  • Bottles (glass & plastic)
  • Cans (tin & aluminum)
  • e-Waste*
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Paper & Cardboard
*It is the computer owners responsibility to remove all personal data off the hard drive. Potential software to assist with data removal; Darik's Boot and Nuke. »Info

Confidential Shredding

Contact one of the companies directly, to schedule shredding and obtain a certificate of destruction. 

  • Cintas - 510.573.5300 »Info

Submitting a Service Request

Service requests can be submitted online through the AiM system which allows for the creation of new Service Requests, as well as the ability to monitor and query for existing Requests. Faculty, Staff, and Students* are welcome to use this online tool. 

Click here to go to AiM

We highly encourage customers to submit requests Online; however, you can alternatively choose to send an email to or call the Customer Service Center at 408.554.4742


*Students, please access AiM through your ECampus login


Recycling & Waste

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