Design Standards


The design standards of the University are based on three divisions:

Site Guidelines

Site guidelines provide a set of design principles to guide the siting of buildings and formation of open spaces.  These guidelines include:

  •  Linear Framed Views
  •  Discreet Outdoor Rooms
  •  Modest Entrances
  •  Rectilinear Building Form
  •  Legacy of Landscape Features
  •  Covered Walkways and Arcades

Building Guidelines

Building guidlines highlight the key architectural form and character appropriate to building design.  These guidelines include:

  •  Building Scale & Massing
  •  Architectural Character
  •  Porches & Arcades
  •  Ground Level Treatment
  •  Building Entrances
  •  Windows
  •  Materials & Color
  •  Roof Treatment

Precinct Studies

Precinct studies provide examples of applying site design and guidelines to a specific precinct to create a coherent site design concept for that area. 

Planning & Projects