Current Projects


New Construction

Walsh McLaughlin Residence Hall Remodel

A new building will be constructed to connect Walsh and McLaughlin Halls that will provide a new entrance lobby facing the Kennedy Commons building. The connector will include a new service desk area and new student lounge areas. It will also feature a new community room and elevator system serving both residence halls.

The project also includes interior renovations to both Walsh and McLaughlin Hall buildings which will include remodeled student rooms and staff apartments.

View from Santa Clara Street    

View from side — East and West

Future Construction

Art and Art History Building

Current plans for the new Art and Art History building call for constructing a three-story building on Franklin Street. This 46,400 square foot facility will include modern studios for students and faculty, technology-rich classrooms, student workspaces and meeting areas. The building features a rotunda on the third floor with an outdoor terrace area. A spacious gallery on the first floor will be showcase student, faculty, and visiting artists' work. The landscaping plan also includes an outdoor sculpture garden at the corner of Alviso and Franklin Streets. The overall project plan also includes converting Franklin Street between Lafayette Street to The Alameda from a roadway to a pedestrian mall. 

New Building for Men’s and Women’s Soccer

A new building will be constructed for the SCU Men’s and Women’s soccer teams between the Locatelli Center and Buck Shaw Stadium. 

It will feature men’s and women’s locker facilities, team meeting room, team lounges and restrooms. There will also be a training room and cold water therapy whirlpool. 

Planning & Projects


Director of Planning and Projects