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New Construction


McLaughlin-Walsh Residence Hall Remodel Phase 2 -  Estimated Completion January 2015

McLaughlin Residence Hall and Walsh Residence Hall underwent a project to renovate the interior and connect the 2 buildings into 1 residence hall called McLaughlin-Walsh Hall, uniting the Unity RLC into one building. This project began as of June 16, 2014 and has an estimated completion date of January 2015.  As of Fall 2014 the individual buildings are open and available to on campus residents with the entrances to each building being on the Santa Clara street side. Work will continue on the connection of the two buildings and as of January 2015 the building will be connected and the main entrance to McLaughlin-Walsh Hall will be from the South side facing Kennedy Mall.

Steven's Soccer Training Center -  Estimated Completion Spring 2015

Made possible by the generous donation from the Steven's family a new state-of-the-art soccer training center will break ground this summer. This training center will give both the men's and women's soccer teams a place to call home throughout the year. This training center will provide the teams with a space adjacent to the soccer fields and give them facilities such as locker rooms, team meeting rooms, coaches offices, video screening rooms and trainer space to help foster the soccer into the future.

The Soccer Training Center will be located in the lawn area between Locatelli, Buckshaw and Stanton field.  

Read the full press release from President Fr. Engh »Info 

Softball Stadium Upgrades -  Estimated Completion February 2015

The softball stadium will have additional features added. Continuing to improve on the stadium the following features will be added: 

  • Dugouts
  • Hitting Center
  • Bullpen
  • Scoreboard
  • Flagpole

These will help to enhance the stadium and give the women's softball team the appropriate space for practicing and hosting opponents in the upcoming season. 

Pump House Upgrades and Renovation -  Estimated Completion January 2015

 The Pump House (located between Varsi Hall and Ricard Observatory) is getting a facelift this summer. The exterior of this building is being redone to match the rest of the campus' architectural standards.  Along with the aesthetic changes the equipment inside of this mechanical space is being upgraded to ensure that it is suitable for serving our growing campus needs. 

Estimated completion of the exterior construction is August 2014 and the completion of the interior equipment upgrades is November 2014.


Future Construction

Art and Art History Building -  Estimated Start of Summer 2015

Current plans for the new Art and Art History building call for constructing a three-story building on Franklin Street. This 46,400 square foot facility will include modern studios for students and faculty, technology-rich classrooms, student workspaces and meeting areas. The building features a rotunda on the third floor with an outdoor terrace area. A spacious gallery on the first floor will be showcase student, faculty, and visiting artists' work. The landscaping plan also includes an outdoor sculpture garden at the corner of Alviso and Franklin Streets. The overall project plan also includes converting Franklin Street between Lafayette Street to The Alameda from a roadway to a pedestrian mall. 

Mayer Theater Seat Refurbishing -  Scheduled for December through January


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