Completed Projects 


Veterans Flagpole -  Completed November 2014

A flagpole area was installed near the entrance to the main parking structure.  The dedication ceremony was on November 11, Veterans Day, in honor of our veterans.

Walsh Administration 2nd Floor Deck - Completed October 2014


890 Benton Roof Replacement -  Completed October 2014


Striking Freedom Statue -  Completed October 2014

 Recently Completed 

  • Campus Beautification Phase 2
  • McLaughlin-Walsh Hall Phase 1
  • Nobili Arcade Reconstruction
  • Nobili Stairwell Move
  • Varsi Restroom Remodel
  • Dunne Hall Window Replacement
  • Leavey Center 2nd Floor Soccer Suite Office Remodel
  • Heafey Law Library Lighting Replacement
  • Shapell Lounge Carpet Replacement and Painting
  • Multicultural Center Remodel
  • Kids on Campus HVAC Replacement
  • Jesuit School of Theology Academic Building (1735 LeRoy) Carpet Replacement
  • Bannan Engineering HVAC Upgrades
  • Law School Administrative Office Modifications
  • Casa Italiana Heat Exchanger Replacement
  • Benson Kitchen Floor Repairs
  • Kenna Hall 2nd Floor HVAC Upgrades
  • Creating of Collaborative Learning Spaces: Kenna 109, O’Connor 110 & 209, and Mech Engineering 602
  • Roofing Projects: Benson Upper Roof Replacement, Pat Malley Roof Replacement
  • Exterior Building Painting Projects: Music and Dance, Alumni Science, Leavey Center Steel Structure

Alviso Street Work - Completed February 2014

Last Spring Vice President Bob Warren’s email to the campus community described a proposed project to convert both Palm Drive and Alviso Street to pedestrian malls over the next year.  We completed Palm Drive in September of 2013 and completed Alviso Street summer 2014.

To ensure access to Mission Church in summer during construction, the portion of Alviso in front of the Mission Church was converted to pavers from January 13 – February 28, 2014.

A new plaza with tables and chairs was created near O'Connor and north of Mayer Theater.  A mobile café called the Pony Express provides food for Broncos on the go for breakfast and lunch at this North Campus Dining Plaza. 



Electrical Distribution Center - Completed January 2014

Santa Clara University completed construction of a new electrical distribution center in January 2014. The distribution center is located next to the Main Parking structure and includes medium voltage circuit breakers, state of the art digital metering, protection relays and SCATA system. It also provides future connection points and controls for on-site generation and the existing 1 megawatt solar panel installation. It provides additional capability for future energy initiative projects to incorporate renewable energy, power reliability, control and security.

North Campus Parking Structure - Completed November 2013

The North Campus Parking Structure, located on the Franklin block between The Alameda and Alviso Street provides parking for approximately 380 vehicles. It is a four level parking structure with a parking counter system showing the number of available parking spaces at each level. It also includes electric vehicle charging stations on the first level and self-service kiosks to purchase daily parking permits. The structure was built to accommodate a planned 350 KW solar panel installation on the rooftop.


Campus Beautification - Conversion of Palm Drive to Pedestrian Mall - Completed Summer 2013

 The first part of the project to convert Palm Drive and Alviso Street to pedestrian malls was completed in September 2013 with the opening of Palm Drive to pedestrian traffic.  This completes part of the campus master plan to create pedestrian promenades that offer safe routes for heavy pedestrian traffic on campus and highlight the Mission Church as the centerpiece of campus. 


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