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Project Request Process 

Please review the following directions for submitting a request for a renovation or remodeling project. 

1. Complete the Project Request Form (In the right margin of this page)

  • Identify the requestor for this project or the person completing this form, include the persons phone number.  
  • Identify the building the project is to take place in.
  • Identify the room or area of the proposed project. 

2. Describe the purpose and general needs for this project.  This will be used to understand the specific department or school need and how it supports it’s mission and the University.  Use additional pages if needed. 

3. Indicate the date the project needs to be completed. 

4. If this is a project funded by a grant, gift, or other sources, please identify as completely as possible. 

5. Identify the primary contact for this project.  This should be the person who has the most knowledge about this project and who will be the day to day coordinator for the user. 

6. Provide the necessary signatures of approval for this project.  These include the dean or department head of the user and the divisional Vice President or Provost.  The previously identified persons will need to review the project and approve it, prior to going to the Vice President for Administration and Finance for funding source and project approval. 

7. Contact Planning and Projects at 408.554.4987 with any questions or concerns.


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