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Transportation Services provides support for all campus transportation needs. We have several transportation programs geared towards enhancing sustainability and efficiency for all Santa Clara University students, faculty, and staff.

Services Provided

ACE - Altamont Corridor Express

Check out train schedules and route map »Info 

Carpool - Faculty, Staff, and Student Parking Incentives

Carpools are vehicles that arrive on campus with 2 or more persons. To participate in the Carpool Program you must:
  • Register all participants in the carpool at the Campus Safety office. There is no fee associated with the Carpool Programs.
  • Receive a Carpool sticker that must be visible on the vehicle of use.
  • Upon arrival, the carpool participants must be verified by Campus Safety at the Main Gate. 
  • Once verified, the vehicle will be issued a daily parking pass to be coupled with the Carpool sticker.
  • Each Carpool will receive 5 daily parking passes per month for participant's use during the month of issuance and must be validated on the day of use by Campus Safety at the Main Gate.

To apply for the program, fill out the Carpool Program form

Derozap - Bicycle Commuter Program & Dero Fixit Stations

Derozap is a campus bicycle commuter program to encourage individuals that work at the University to commute to campus in a more sustainable manner. For each day that a commuter rides their bike, they will receive a point. These points are then redeemable by the commuter for parking in the future. »Info 

Does your bike need fixing? To support University staff, faculty, and student bicyclists, Transportation Services recently installed four Dero Bike Fixit stations around campus. »Info 

SCU Shuttle Services - SCUttle

The Electric Shuttles (SCUttle) will provide a means of transportation to those needing assistance between parking locations and event venues.  The program's policies and procedures are being developed and will be introduced soon.  Stay tuned for more information on how the program will work and how you can get involved. 

Transit - Parking Program

Purchase a monthly mass transit ticket and receive 5 free daily parking passes per month. Parking passes are only for use during month of issuance and must be validated on day of use by Transportation Services at the University's Main Gate.
Additional modes of public transportation that provide service to the campus include:
  • Cal Train
  • VTA
  • Muni
  • Amtrak

Zagster  - Bicycle Sharing Program

Zagster is a new bicycle sharing program where those registered can have access to a bicycle for a designated period of time.  This efficient and sustainable strategy allows Santa Clara University affiliates to have the ease and convenience of a bicycle when they need one without the hassles of maintenance.  To register for the program, click here!

Zimride - Carpool and Ridesharing Community

Santa Clara University Zimride is our new private rideshare social network that can use Facebook to make a fun and easy way to share the seats in your car or catch a ride for commutes, road trips, and popular events. With Zimride, you can find SCU friends, classmates, and coworkers going the same way you are.  If you have a car, split costs by offering rides. If you don’t have a car, find rides where you need to go. 

  • Sign up with your email address »Info
  • Zimride FAQs »Info 

Zipcar - Car Sharing Program

Wheels when you want them! Zipcar is a car sharing program where those registered can find a car and borrow a car for a designated period of time. This allows individuals to have the convenience of a car when they want one but it removes the hassles of maintenance and gas costs. 
Santa Clara University currently houses 10 Zipcars on campus for use. 
  • Register today »Info 
  • Map of Campus Zipcar locations »Info 
  • Community-Based Learning (CBL) Affiliate Memberships »Info

All programs are open for staff and faculty to take advantage of! If you have any questions please feel free to email, call, or stop by. 

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