Mechanical Systems

Domestic Water Pumping

Domestic water pumping systems, such as the one in Swig Residence Hall, are located around the University’s campus. The systems use electricity to pump water and keep a continuous supply of water available for the University. Domestic water pumping systems supply clean water for showers and sinks in buildings with multiple floors.

Fume Hood Systems

Fume hood systems protect people from hazardous fumes by drawing air from a fan and expelling it outside or into a filtration system. They are manufactured from epoxy coated mild steel and PVC or polypropylene. The systems are run in the Alumni Science building for use in the chemistry lab.

Gas Distribution Systems

Natural gas is used on campus to heat buildings and water as well as stoves. It is a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels because it emits fewer greenhouse gases. The burning of natural gas produces about 30% less carbon dioxide than burning petroleum and about 45% less than burning coal.