Santa Clara University has partnered with Serious Energy to create a Smart Micro Grid usable across campus.  Currently, the Facilities building is using the grid for the first phase of the project.  This is essentially a test phase to ensure it can work from an operational standpoint.

The main objectives of the Smart Micro Grid are to:

  • Monitor energy generation and consumption devices
  • Demonstrate interoperability of energy systems
  • Demonstrate load control based on energy supply inputs
  • Provide real time data to manage energy demand and supply
  • Provide secure energy management access to the building from anywhere anytime
  • Provide real time, user friendly graphical interface of energy generation and consumption
  • Extend Building 604 operation by intelligent load shedding under utility power loss

Once tested, the grid will be rolled out in multiple phases to the other buildings on campus.  They will be controlled by a monitor.  This monitor will show the real time state of the building as Generator output, total power demand, solar power output, and energy consumption.  It will also provide a secured way for one administrator to override each building and its features.