The Producer

From the mailroom and living on mac ’n cheese to Hollywood blockbusters—and the coming-of-age story Love, Simon.

Pouya Shahbazian J.D. ’03
Film Producer


She came to the United States at 14. Now she holds state office, despite being an undocumented immigrant. 

Lizbeth Mateo J.D. ’16
Attorney & Activist

The Golden State

The end of Eden? A literary scholar traces the ideas and ideals that have shaped California.

Terry Beers
Professor of English

Sonic Landscapes: Mapping the sounds of the San Francisco Bay Area—from birds to church services, cable cars to lunch. Explore the full map. Illustration by Eric Hanson 

Sound Map of San Francisco Bay with images of sounds including a band at pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay, a family dinner Brisbane, and a trolley, a Star Trek drag show, dinner, leaves in the window, Blue Bottle coffee shop, a street busker, ambient sound in Chinatown, outside of a night club, a San Francisco Giants game  in San Francisco, and a Nigerian family gathering, a Kanye West show, the river trail, plane landing, a supermarket, someone sleeping in San Jose, a tetherball game, a coach, the weight room, crows, a group getting pizza and beer at Santa Clara, an East Bay port and refinery, and the sound of hiking in the hills. The map features the locations of Sausalito, San Francisco, Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, Redwood City, Burlingame, Fremont, Union City, Hayward, San Leandro, Alameda, and Oakland.

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