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Celebrating our 100,000 alumni milestone involves talking about how each of you have carried the Santa Clara spirit into the world and made it your mission to change it. This means ALL of you! We are inviting all of you as Santa Clara alumni to tell your story – the teachers, accountants, volunteers, engineers, lawyers, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, doctors, mothers, fathers, and all things you could imagine. Whether it’s easily visible to the outside world that you’re making it a better place, or just those near and dear to you can see it on a regular basis, hopefully a big part of your outlook is because of your time spent here at Santa Clara and how it shaped you into who you are today. We want to hear how!

Sukhmani Kaur Kocher resized final
Navigate here to Sukhmani Kaur Kocher '16

Bachelor's Degree, Political Science & Double Minor in Intl. Business & Italian

"'Make sure you slow down a bit when you get to college!' I was told much too often told in high school. But my workaholic tendencies were stubborn and didn’t want to pay much attention there. Thankfully, SCU gave me the opportunities and resources to best put these tendencies to use..."

Samantha Rose Prasad 11 v2
Navigate here to Samantha Rose Prasad '11

Bachelor's Degree, Marketing

"I knew I wanted to attend Santa Clara University from my first campus tour. From the rose gardens to delicious food at Benson, I was hooked. However, my time at SCU would teach me far more than I could have ever anticipated..."

Merlin Stewart resized
Navigate here to Merlin Stewart '85

Computer Science, Mathematics

"As we celebrate Black History Month, this is a look back

On one young girl’s story of what is was like to be poor and black

For she grew up in a rural town in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement..."

Elisa Pallares resized
Navigate here to Elisa Pallares M.A. '81

Master's degree, Counseling Health Pyschology

"My story with Jesuit education started when I was four years old, and my father took me to accompany him to teach a course at Jesuit College, in Mexico City. My education at home was a humanist education, regardless was not religious, it was inspired by Jesuit philosophy.."

Paul Fasi v3
Navigate here to Paul Fasi '78

Bachelor's degree, Political Science

"Just want to say "aloha" to my classmates – I know, long time no see. I'm basically the same guy I was in 1978, a bit wiser but much older. Darn!  I think that SCU pretty much brought out the best in me and there wasn't much left after that, so you could pretty much say that I peaked in 1978..."

Monalisa chati resized
Navigate here to Monalisa Chati M.S. '14

Finance Business Systems, ServiceNow

Master's degree, Management Information Systems

"I chose Santa Clara is because I wanted a university that blends technological innovation with social consciousness and this was it...."

Maggie Hurlbut resized
Navigate here to Maggie Hurlbut '18

Social Media Coordinator, Santa Clara U.

Santa Clara, CA.

Communications major

"Santa Clara has broadened my perspectives on so many different grounds. I was introduced to my love of travel through my experiences in studying abroad..."

Amanda Harris resized
Navigate here to Amanda Harris '18

Recent Graduate, Santa Clara U.

Orange County, CA.

Biology major, Women's and Gender Studies minor

"There were a ton of opportunities at Santa Clara that widened my scope of things I was interested in..."

Joey Novara resized
Navigate here to Joey Novara '18

Recent Graduate, Santa Clara U.

Stockton, CA.

Civil Engineering major

"What I'm most grateful for that Santa Clara University gave to me is all the friendships that I gathered along the four years that I spent there..."