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For Family Members

Sending your student off to school in another country can be scary. Rest assured: Santa Clara University is a safe, caring, and supportive community.

We value our international students and recognize that they bring unique strengths and values to our campus.

The city of Santa Clara, and the south Bay Area and Silicon Valley in general, are uncommonly diverse. We’re lucky to have a robust mix of races, cultures, and languages in our local communities; that diversity of culture is a benefit to everyone on campus, but in particular to international students.

Student success

Our faculty and staff are available to support students if and when they need it. But most of the time international students thrive at SCU. Last year 5 out of our 30 Distinguished First Year Students were international students.

Family assistance

Santa Clara provides a wide range of resources and support for families of current students via our Families gateway. For the specific needs and concerns of international students and their families, the Global Engagement Office (GEO) is available to help.