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Fred Sanchez

Fred Sanchez '07
Fred Sanchez

Graduation Year: 2007

Hometown: Glendale, CA

Current Residence: Santa Monica, CA

Major at Santa Clara: Economics

Occupation: Entrepreneur

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Favorite memory from Santa Clara 

  • Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP) activities
  • Traveling for Ultimate Frisbee tournaments
  • Study abroad in Australia

Extracurricular activities while a student at SCU

  • Student worker, Career Center
  • Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP) ESL On-Campus
  • SCCAP Labor Action Committee
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club

My hobbies and interests

  • Hiking; cycling
  • Swimming
  • Backpacking
  • Surfing & paddle boarding
  • Agave spirits and Mexican culture

Things I am good at...

  • I enjoy applying the practical side of all that I learn as well as taking opportunities for sharing my knowledge. Over time, I've gotten better at drawing on my strengths, asking for help when I need it, and at empowering others to access resources in the learning process. I am also a dad, dog-owner, and triathlete--though still a novice at two of the three!

Expertise that I have acquired in my life and career that I bring to my term of service on the SCU Alumni Board

  • I am an entrepreneur with a background in education. Over the course of my education and professional development, I've developed a keen interest in management and training. I am a systems thinker and rely on logic as well as human-centered design concepts to solve real-world problems. I strive to be empathetic in all of my relationships and have developed an ability to lead teams and projects across time, space, and shifting circumstances.