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Enjoy the following books and help support Bronco authors! The following titles are listed alphabetically, by author last name. If you're an author who would like their work featured, please submit a recommendation »


Children of the Knight

Children of the Knight (2013)

Michael Bowler '79
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According to legend, King Arthur is supposed to return when Britain needs him most. So why does a man claiming to be the once and future king suddenly appear in Los Angeles? 
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Kids Inventing a handbook for young inventors 

Kids Inventing! A Handbook for Young Inventors (2005)

Susan Casey '66
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Have you ever seen inventors on TV or in the newspaper and thought, "That could be me!" Well, it certainly could—and this book shows you how. Kids Inventing! gives you easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for turning your ideas into realities for fun, competition, and even profit.
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Filburt Feels a Photon: A Story of Light, Space, & Time by L.E. Doue 

Filburt Feels a Photon: A Story of Light, Space, & Time (2016)

Lisa Ettl-Doue '86
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Filburt Feels a Photon introduces the concepts of light, space, and time to children (and their adults!) in a fun and whimsical way. As Filburt (the curious horse) and his dedicated caretaker, Ray, take their daily walk in the sunshine, they engage in an amusing and educational dialogue. 

jarzab tandem

Tandem (2013)

Anna Jarzab '05
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Sixteen-year-old Sasha Lawson has only ever known one small, ordinary life. When she was young, she loved her grandfather's stories of parallel worlds, inhabited by girls who looked like her but led totally different lives. Sasha never believed such worlds were real—until now, when she finds herself thrust into one against her will. 
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Quince (2017)

Sebastian Kadlecik '01
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Lupe is just your average, insecure, well-meaning, occasionally cranky teenage girl whose life is completely turned upside down when she discovers she has superpowers at her quinceañera. Her quince powers only last as long as she's fifteen, so over the course of this rollercoaster year, we follow the adventures of Lupe as she figures out what it really means to be a hero. 
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bruce and Juliet cover 

Bruce and Juliet: The Unlikely Friendship of a Bubble Breathing Dragon and a Daydreaming Kitten (2013)

Melanie Kassen '86
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When Bruce, a baby dragon, and Julie, a daydreaming kitten, accidentally meet, their mutual desires, skills, and teamwork will help them realize their full potential and learn to accept themselves.

If You Were Here by Shonal Narayan 

If You Were Here (2022)

Shonal Narayan '06
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The story of a friendship that could've been told from the perspective of a rainbow/sunshine baby. If You Were Here is designed to initiate a safe dialogue between parents and children regarding miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant death.

The House That Lou Built

The House That Lou Built (2018)

Mae Respicio '97
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A coming-of-age story that explores culture and family, forgiveness and friendship, and what makes a true home.
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The Endless Skies

The Endless Skies (2021)

Shannon Price '15
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Shannon Price's The Endless Skies is a breakout standalone epic fantasy about shapeshifting warriors perfect for fans of Adrienne Young and Wonder Woman.


Dahlia Dusk and the Land of Little Folk (2022)

Brianna Lynn '18
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This beautifully Illustrated picture book awakens young readers to important topics around insecurity and self-worth. Follow Dahlia Dusk, known as DeeDee, as she goes on an adventure to learn about herself in the magical world of Little Folk. Meet her diverse group of friends and explore this new world along the way! This book is a great gift for children and adults alike who need to hear this important message about recognizing self-worth.

What are we gonna do today 

What Are We Gonna Do Today? (2015)

Naeem Turner-Bandele '18
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"I'm bored, what are we gonna do today?" Has your child ever asked you this question? Are you in need of fun things to do? Is there a life lesson you'd like to teach your child but don't know how to approach it? Well, worry no more! Author Naeem Turner-Bandele helps you turn a plain old day with your child into a new and exciting adventure with his simply illustrated and clever book, What Are We Gonna Do Today? 

The Twelve New Days of Christmas (2001)

Bonnie Fite M.A. '89
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A delightful twist on the popular song about the classic Christmas story. This advent devotional explores the story through the eyes of twelve different character groups. Captivating illustrations, hidden pictures, and interactive questions add to the fun.

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