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Enjoy the following books and help support Bronco authors! The following titles are listed alphabetically, by author last name. If you're an author who would like their work featured, please submit a recommendation »


A Maze in Grace cover 

A Maze in Grace (2014)

Denise Dwyer D’Errico '95, M.A. Pastoral Ministries
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Poetry about the twists and turns of life. Explore your own challenges and honor your blessings as you read A Maze in Grace.

Exploring Spirituality in Photo and Verse 

Exploring Spirituality in Photo & Verse (2020)

Arlene Goetze M.A. '04
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A jiggle of joy! Unexpected insights! A spiritual smile! This book contains 65 photos with Reflections in verse, nine Meditations, prose and poems illustrating how spirituality is a growth stage in almost every action we have.

The Baby that Ate Cincinnati 

The Baby that Ate Cincinnati (2013)

Matt Mason '90
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The Baby That Ate Cincinnati is a collection of poems about parenthood. And horror movies. It’s about that other side of things, the bit with the wonder and the magic as well as the terror of trying to redefine yourself and your place in the universe with what is really a very strange and monumental change in who you are, what you do, and what you truly fear. Ultimately, you know, it’s life affirming, just like all classic scary movies, by the time the credits roll.

Paul Totah The Gospel of Everyone 

The Gospel of Everyone: A Poetic Retelling of the Gospel of Luke (2017)

Paul Totah '79
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This poetic retelling of the Gospel of Luke imagines how the people surrounding Jesus--including the "minor characters" who appear only once or twice--reacted to this man. Rather than discuss the history, the politics, or the theology surrounding Jesus of Nazareth, these poems enter into the human experiences of what it might have been like to walk side-by-side on the dusty roads to Emmaus, Jericho, or Jerusalem


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