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Class Audit Program

The University and Alumni Association established a class audit program in 1975 for the benefit of interested alumni. The purpose of this service is to provide graduates the opportunity to audit (non-credit) undergraduate courses tuition free.

"Keeping the Bronco pride alive with lifelong learning in the SCU Alumni Audit Program – what a way for a Bronco grad to stay relevant! #Learning Never Stops #Proud to be Bronco!"

Geri Lamble M.S. '96


WINTER 2023: Registration for the Alumni Class Audit Program has closed. We look forward to opening registration again for Spring 2023!



1. You may only audit undergraduate classes through this program.

2. You may only audit ONE course per quarter through this program. Additional courses for regular University audit are available through the Office of the Registrar.

3. You must be a Santa Clara University alumnus/a who has completed their degree to be eligible for the program. If you have completed your SCU coursework, your class must have completed commencement before you are eligible.

4. You MUST obtain permission from the professor to audit the course (space permitting).

5. You MUST have an SCU Alumni Email account (or current staff account). This will allow you to access Camino (SCU’s online academic platform). Click on the link to register for an alumni email account. The process to obtain and gain access to Camino can take up to 7-10 business days. It is highly recommended you complete your request for an alumni email (if needed) at least two weeks prior to the start of the quarter.

6. Alumni taking part in the Class Audit Program will need to follow University COVID-19 guidelines. This includes being vaccinated, boosted, and wearing a mask in the classroom at all times.

7. You may register through the first week of class. You cannot attend a class prior to completing the registration process.

8. You must pay a $50 processing fee.


Additional Information:

Please note, the professor and Registrar’s Office will not keep an official record that you audited the class. In addition, the audited class will not be on your official transcripts.

If you want to use the library during the audited academic quarter, you need to obtain an Alumni Membership Card. Please present this card to the Library Help Desk.

If you'd like to purchase course materials, you can do so through the Bronco Book Store.

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