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Beckman Scholars

The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation provides grants to researchers and non-profit research institutions in chemistry and life sciences to promote scientific discoveries, and particularly to foster the invention of methods, instruments, and materials that will open up new avenues of research. In 1997, the Beckman Foundation initiated the Beckman Scholars Program, which recognizes outstanding undergraduate students in chemistry, biochemistry, biological and medical sciences research at select universities and colleges throughout the United States.

Meet the Beckman Scholars

Ella Basler

Ella Basler '23

Awarded 2021

Faculty Mentor: Eric Tillman

Erica Svendahl '23 DeNardo Senior Prize winner

Erica Svendahl '23

Chemistry, Environmental Science
Awarded 2021

Faculty Mentor: Korin Wheeler

Adriana Gutierrez Ramirez

Adriana Gutierrez Ramirez '22

Awarded 2020

Faculty Mentor: Paul Abbyad

Kat Xia

Kit Xia '20

Awarded 2019

Faculty Mentor: Eric Tillman

Beckman Scholars - Ella Basler and Erica Svendahl

Sophomores Ella Basler and Erica Svendahl will have the opportunity to conduct intricate and influential research on critical scientific topics as Santa Clara University’s two Beckman Scholars this year.

Chemistry major Adriana Gutierrez Ramirez ’22 will continue research with the Abbyad Lab as this year’s Beckman Scholar.

Biology major Kat Xia ‘20 will spend the next 15 months conducting research on polymers thanks to funding by the Beckman Scholars Program which supports outstanding students in the sciences.