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Our Story


Santa Clara University is at the center of the most innovative commercial region in the world. Our geography is our laboratory to explore the elements of business success, helping students discover and leverage their own ingenuity. In the Leavey School new business leaders learn to balance economic, social, and ethical consequences of their decisions. They need to understand the values that guide our society and employ those values when making decisions. These principles are at the core of the Leavey School of Business curriculum.

Conscientious Capitalism is the application of personal virtue, purpose, and accountability to individual leadership of business organizations and to the critical decisions that inspire employees and companies to drive innovation, market leadership, and profits by serving employees, customers, stakeholders, and the community.

The Conscientious Capitalism course was created to Inspire and Teach students to lead themselves and others in a world undergoing dramatic and increasingly rapid change.

Inspire: Learning directly from the personal stories, success, and challenges of successful and conscientious leaders in today’s business world along with the unique virtues and leadership frameworks each leader used in their respective journeys.

Teach: Students will actively engage in small “Leadership Development Teams” led by an experienced mentor, where each student will use tools to explore lessons from their own life stories as well as discern their unique values, priorities, and purpose they will bring to leading themselves and others.

We are proud to partner with Chip and the Center for Conscientious Leadership!