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Study Materials

New for 2020: All study materials are now digital. Candidates will no longer receive a physical binder, mailed to them. As well, all materials are now included in the registration fee. Candidates do not have to purchase any additional texts from NCEO. If you are looking for hardcopy versions of the texts, the 2020 editions are available for purchase from NCEO’s website. However, you will not be allowed to bring hardcopy materials into the exam.

The CEPI updates all study materials on an annual basis. The study materials for the 2020 exams will include a study packet supplied by the CEPI, and several reference PDFs, all delivered via a secure link once the candidate has registered for the exam. 

The CEP Study Packet contains the syllabi, reading lists, and reference documents for all 3 exam levels, as well as the Advanced Accounting exam. Therefore, candidates will receive one set of study materials per calendar year (i.e. if a candidate registers for the May exam and the November exam in the same calendar year, they will receive the link to the materials again, but the materials will be exactly the same). The Study packet PDF also contains required readings as outlined in the syllabi.

Once the candidate has registered, they will receive an email containing a secure link to the PDF materials. Candidates will have access to those same PDFs during the exam itself, so they will not need to bring any items to the exam.

Additional Resources

(approx 30 minutes)

This webinar provides an overview of the study materials (including the binder) and general study tips.

Course reviews and continuing education opportunities are often offered by industry organizations such as those listed below.

Although the CEP Institute makes this information available to candidates, we do not endorse educational programs. The candidate must determine whether the program is suitable for his/her needs.

Because educational offerings are so varied, consider asking the following questions when evaluating a program:

  • What educational level is the curriculum (beginning, intermediate, advanced)?
  • How long does it take to complete the curriculum?
  • How much does the program cost? Does that amount include books, tests and other fees?
  • How are the courses scheduled? How often are courses offered?
  • Is the education program offered online or is it paper-based?
  • What are the credentials of the faculty?
  • Overall, how will this program prepare me to obtain the certified equity professional designation?
  • What is the pass rate of previous program participants?

Educational Service Providers: if you have a course geared to any of the three levels of the CEP Institute program, or our continuing education requirement, please contact to be listed on this site.

Please note that all sample exams and sample questions are developed independently by the individual educational service providers, not the CEPI. The CEPI does not release sample questions or sample exams.

Exam Preparation Course Providers

Education Service Providers

Industry Resources