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Employers / Recruiters

There is a reason why over 65% of the Fortune 1000 rely on CEP expertise.

Employers and recruiters know that the administration of an equity compensation program requires skills and expertise.  The Certified Equity Professional Institute is the only source of professional certification for equity compensation professionals. 

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The CEP designation provides:

  • The highest industry standard for knowledge in the equity compensation field
  • The tools to serve as a liaison between internal and external constituencies
  • Technical knowledge required to manage equity compensation issues and identify potential compliance issues.



Complying with the complex requirements of accounting, tax and securities regulations governing equity compensation plans has become a major challenge for many companies. Companies can minimize the risk of noncompliance by ensuring that a CEP is involved in their stock plans. To become a CEP, an individual must demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge and understanding of equity compensation programs and pass a set of rigorous examinations. CEPs are subject to professional standards, including continuing professional education.  With these rigorous requirements, it is no wonder that so many companies insist on having CEP expertise manage their equity plans.

Individuals with the CEP designation can be identified here.

If you are interested in hiring a CEP, you may post a job listing on the CEP job board. To post a job listing, click here.