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The results are in...

We are proud to announce 75 new CEPs!​

Joy White, CEP Christopher McReynolds, CEP Chris Komnick, CEP
Sandhya Chhetri, CEP James Gerson, CEP Steven Nettgen, CEP
Lisa Duval, CEP Alberto Gomes da Silva, CEP Therese Antoinette Liezl Sebastian, CEP
Susan Greeley, CEP John Paul Murphy, CEP Fan Wang, CEP
Daniel Joiner, CEP Andrew Napolitano, CEP Patrick Floyd, CEP
Michael Jorczak, CEP Yael Elbaz Roiter, CEP Trevor Neilson, CEP
Christopher Wood, CEP Tammy Hall, CEP Matthew Spalten, CEP
James Yoo, CEP Arezo Heydari, CEP Jason Stapleton, CEP
Stephen Popowski, CEP Odelia Pollak, CEP David Steffensen, CEP
Alex Allmon, CEP Rick Schweren, CEP Jennifer Weeks, CEP
Stephanie Bailey, CEP Peggy Yang, CEP David Zackrison, CEP
Richard Gant, CEP Emma Aggor, CEP John Paffendorf, CEP
Colin Kremer, CEP Mark Flynn, CEP Keta Patel, CEP
Steven Sims, CEP Thomas Parnaby, CEP Jonathan Brooks, CEP
Sarah Conrad, CEP Pradeep Pitigala, CEP Adam Crawford, CEP
Bethany Berry, CEP Dave Eaton, CEP Anthea Fernandes, CEP
Ephraim Ehrlich, CEP Lori Giardina, CEP Neelakshi Govind, CEP
Jeanne Harvey, CEP Loan Nguyen, CEP Fernanda LeDrew, CEP
Alicia Ritmaha, CEP Boyang Wang, CEP Marco Paniagua, CEP
Sean Ross, CEP Susanna Zhang, CEP Amanda Parsons, CEP
Elaine Tummala, CEP Erin Roberts, CEP Caron Strop, CEP
Amit Shrestha, CEP Elena Thomas, CEP Maura Tamony, CEP
Alyssa Williams, CEP Sarah Aber, CEP Dmitri Volgin, CEP
Elizabeth MacCarthaigh, CEP Matthew Bulkley, CEP Donghong Wang, CEP
Jesse Hoxie, CEP Jeremy Dosemagen, CEP Anne Ridenour, CEP

Register Now for the Best One-Day Event in Equity Compensation
Man looking off to right
14th Annual CEP and Silicon Valley NASPP Symposium

March 27, 2018
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, California

Looking to move on to the next level?
2018 Exams schedule

The CEP textbooks are available for purchase from the NCEO website. Be sure to use the CEP Student Texts tab in Publications on the NCEO website to purchase your materials for your preparation for a CEP exam.  Please note that exam materials are updated each year. 2018 exam materials will be available in early March.

Exam Date  Registration Deadline Deferral Deadline
June 9, 2018 April 27, 2018  May 25, 2018
November 3, 2018 September 21, 2018 October 19, 2018

Representing the CEP Designation
CEP Badge

The CEPI encourages people to highlight their participation in the CEP Program in their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, on name badges at conferences, in bios when speaking at industry events, in membership directories, etc.  The CEPI has worked hard for many years to build the credibility of the CEP mark and we appreciate it being used appropriately.  The CEPI has some guidelines on how to include your participation in the program. 

For CEPs: Please highlight your important achievement by using the CEP mark (CEP preceded by a comma) following your first and last name.  You may also list your certification in your resume or bio.  On your LinkedIn profile, please list your designation under the Education section with a link to the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University.  You may also list your designation under Certificates and specify the date you received your certification. 

For candidates who have completed Level One or Level Two: Until a candidate has passed all three levels of the program, the candidate may describe their accomplishment in their professional biography, resume or LinkedIn profile (under Education section) as "Jane Doe has completed Level 1 [or Level 2] of the CEP program through the Certified Equity Professional Institute at Santa Clara University."  You may use the link to the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University.

Continuing Education

Be sure to also check out our monthly continuing education calendar that is emailed each mid-month and is also available on the CEPI website. There are many great opportunities to learn more about our constantly changing industry, and earn continuing education hours.