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Join Us at the Table

Videocast series featuring interviews with innovators, entrepreneurs, and experts in the food, food tech, and agriculture industry.

Session 10: Insights into Nepal's Response to COVID-19 from a Nepalese Entrepreneur and Leader

CFIE interviews Sumana Shrestha, Management Consultant and Executive Coach

Session 9: Non-Profit Gravity Water Improves Accessibility to Clean Drinking Water Around the Globe

CFIE interviews Danny Wright, Executive Director and Founder of Gravity Water

Session 8: SCU Alum Discusses the Most Sustainable Crop on the Planet

CFIE interviews Matt Ryan, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ocean's Halo

Session 7: Entrepreneurial Endeavors of SCU Alumna

CFIE interviews Courtney Peters, Co-owner of Caramel Caravan

Session 6: Live from Uganda with Young Alumnus

CFIE interviews Jean Baptiste Tooley, Program Manager at KadAfrica

Session 5: G-Love: The Worlds’ First “Reverse Steakhouse”

CFIE interviews Garrett Benedict, Chef & Owner of G-Love restaurant

Session 4: Minimizing Food Waste at Home

CFIE Interviews Alison Mountford, CEO of Ends + Stems

Session 3: Food Start-up Choco Inspires Young Alum

CFIE interviews Letícia Guimarães of Choco

Session 2: Food Wasted and COVID-19!

CFIE interviews Alex Coari of ReFED

Session 1: Healthy Eating While Sheltering in Place

CFIE interviews nutritionist Susan Algert