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Department ofEconomics



Economics is the study of how societies organize production,distribution, and the exchange of goods and services and about choices on how scarce resources are allocated to satisfy human wants. Who wins? Who loses? Why? Economists use models that are substantiated by statistical analysis to study important issues such as economic growth, unemployment, productivity and efficiency, poverty and inequality, international trade, and the effects of government policy. 

The Economics Department offers two undergraduate degrees, one through the College of Arts & Sciences, and the other through the Leavey School of Business. Students have the option to choose a concentration in data analysis or mathematical economics. The department also provides foundational courses for the graduate programs. 

Our faculty produce rigorous state-of-the-art research. Students  often serve as research assistants to faculty, gaining hands-on exposure to modern research questions and methods, and occasional opportunities for co-authorship.

The economics degree provides graduates with a strong foundation to work in a wide variety of careers and provides excellent preparation for a broad range of career possibilities from management and finance to public policy and nonprofit work as well as prepares students for graduate study in economics, business, and law.


Economics News

Vito Cormun
Meet New Faculty: Vito Cormun

Introducing one of our new faculty members in the LSB Economic Department

LSB Economic Department Faculty Promotions

Six business school faculty have received a promotion from the University this year.

Wall of Markkula Center
Business Students Become Hackworth Fellows

Business students chosen as Markkula Center for Applied Ethics 2018-2019 Hackworth Fellows.