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Sample Curricula

Sample One Day Program
  Effective Negotiations
  Product Development
  Communicating with International Colleagues
Sample One Week or Multi-Session Program
Day 1 Theme: Targeting High Performance
  Building High Performing Teams
  Interpersonal Influence
Day 2  Theme: Communication and Leadership
  Breakfast and Briefing with Executive from Company
  Communicating with International Colleagues
  Systems Thinking
Day 3  Theme: Marketing and Financial Effectiveness
  Strategy Evolution, Business Models and Financial Effectiveness
  Market Positioning Strategies
  Market Segmentation, Market & Technology Risks
  Market-base Performance Metrics
Day 4  Theme: Driving Vision and Purpose
  Leadership Practices
  Leadership Simulation and Discussion
Day 5  Theme: Leading and Managing Innovation and Change
  Building and Sustaining Innovative Organizations
  The DNA of Innovative Leaders
  Change Management Simulation: Power and Influence
  Program Wrap-up and Graduation