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Our Evening MBA program curriculum consists of core courses and electives in various disciplines such as accounting, finance, marketing, management, economics and operations. The classes are not only taught by full-time professors but also by practitioners who blend theory with practice. The core curriculum provides holistic knowledge of different disciplines that enable students to understand how businesses are managed and operated. Hence, the students are able to build core management skills and then move on to specialized electives that reflect their areas of interest. The classes utilize theory along with practical, case-based lessons and collaborative learning models to facilitate practical learning. Most course descriptions and the curriculum can be seen here »


During each quarter (fall, winter, spring and summer), classes generally meet twice per week (either Mondays & Wednesdays, or Tuesdays & Thursdays) for ten weeks for 95 minutes per session (5:45 - 7:20pm and 7:35 - 9:10pm). 2-unit courses generally meet twice per week for five weeks covering the first or second half of a quarter. 1-unit courses generally meet once per week for five weeks covering the first or second half of a quarter. In all quarters, final exam periods are two hours.

Curriculum Outline

The Santa Clara MBA curriculum consists of 70 units across 14 core courses (42 units), one required elective (2 units) and 26 additional units of free electives. While entering students are recommended a particular schedule for their first year, there is considerable flexibility in the order in which courses are taken (with the caveat that all prerequisites must be satisfied before enrolling in a particular course). Math analysis/calculus and basic statistics proficiency is expected when entering the MBA program.

Online Electives

Effective Spring 2020, we are piloting an opportunity for Evening MBA students to take courses online to provide more flexibility and to make more elective choices available each quarter. A maximum of 12 units of elective courses may be taken online.  No core courses can be taken online.  Each online elective course will have a certain number of spaces allotted to on-campus students.  

Core Courses

Courses Units Description
IDIS 3700* 2 Units Effective Business Communications
ACTG 3000 4 units Financial Accounting
ECON 3000 4 units Managerial Economics
FNCE 3000 4 units Financial Management
MGMT 3000* 4 units Leading People and Organizations
MGMT 3200 2 units Business Ethics
MGMT 3050 4 units Strategy
MKTG 3000 4 units Marketing is Everything
MKTG 3200 2 units Doing Business in Silicon Valley
OMIS 3000 4 units Business Analytics
OMIS 3200 2 units Quantitative Methods
OMIS 3202 2 units Analytical Decision Making
OMIS 3250 2 units Analysis, Design, and Management of Enterprise Platforms
OMIS 3252 2 units Operations Management
Required “Challenges in” Elective  2 units   
Free Elective Courses  26 units   

Note: Courses are subject to change and availability in a given quarter is not guaranteed. *IDIS 3700 course is a 2 unit class only for students starting in the Fall 2018. MGMT 3000 is taught as an Intensive Course over 4- 5 days (weekends and evenings) before the start of the first quarter.