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Program Experience

We focus on building a valuable experience throughout your journey in our program.

  • Professional Advancement: We are extremely focused on your career development and bring in professional communication firms, career coaches (for group as well as individualized coaching) and individualized mentors tailored to their functional area of interest, to prepare you for the rigors of leadership.
  • Global Immersion: Our program also has an international experience that adds a global perspective to modern business practices. You will travel to a country with a significant global economy to study innovation, entrepreneurship and business models of firms etc. The international residency provides the opportunity for you to engage with international business and innovation experts via company visits and executive lectures. In addition, you will gain a historical, economic, political, and social/cultural overview of the region.
  • Personalization: Our curriculum also offers the flexibility to take 6 units of electives so that you can customize the program as per your requirements
  • Practical and Action Based Learning: We have an experiential capstone where you will develop business plans and make presentations to angel investors and venture capitalists. Our program also includes several bootcamps, simulations, case studies and realistic projects to make your learning applicable and relevant. We also bring in multiple speakers and stellar executive panels in each and every quarter to infuse a realistic, Silicon Valley based perspective to the program
  • Networking: Utilizing our vast network of alums who are successful Silicon Valley executives, we organize multiple events and networking opportunities to facilitate your career growth
  • Bronco DNA: Our weeklong retreat blends
    (a) Mindfulness and spiritual training to impart our Jesuit philosophy
    (b) Innovation Bootcamp
    (c) Leadership training
    (d) Crisis Management Bootcamp
    (e) Professional Communication Coaching

  • Executive Coaching: Comprehensive career development program including Personal Branding, Executive Coaching, and Graduate Career Services as a complement to the EMBA program. This a strategic and holistic career inquiry. It incorporates relevant elements of executive coaching while also providing an examination, development, and application of one's brand.

    The Executive Coaching program's three components:
    (a) Three Workshops
    (b) 1:1 Executive Coaching 
    (c) Graduate Career Services

    By blending personal branding with executive coaching you take advantage of a unique opportunity to stand out from the competition and differentiate yourself in the marketplace. This program is offered by Clarity Silicon Valley founded by Chris Haase.