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Retail Studies Student Association (RSSA)

Once accepted to the Retail Studies Program, students automatically become members of the Retail Studies Student Association.

A student-run organization with a governing executive board made up of students and committees responsible for mentoring, mission outreach, marketing, recruiting, newsletter, corporate liaisons and fundraising. RSSA provides students with many industry networking, scholarship, social and leadership opportunities and experiences.


Image: Calvin Klein Curt Duane talked about the Calvin Klein Sport line and gave a tour of the showrooms for upcoming seasons.

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RSSA President - Class of 2021 - Adele O'Neill


2020/21 RSSA President

RSSA President - Class of 2021- Adele O'Neill

I’m a senior Economics major and Retail Studies minor from Lake Bluff, Illinois, though I spent twelve years living in Switzerland. I’m thrilled to be the RSSA President for the 2020-2021 academic year and I look forward to a successful year ahead of us! I plan to continue growing our community of future industry leaders, with the intersection of technology and retail now more prevalent than ever. I hope to facilitate a tight sense of community with online resources and opportunities to connect such as virtual events and mentorship.

I’m excited to offer support to RSSA along with my executive team who will help provide the necessary tools and experiences for RMI to continue being such a valuable program.

Thank You!



RSSA Executive Members (2020-2021)

President Adele O'Neill
Corproate Liaison Olivia Mannion
Mentoring Chair Katarina Drascovic
Mentoring Chair Kate Knight
Mentoring Chair Sophie Scher
Recruiting Chair Eugene Choi
Recruiting Committee Alex Park
Recruiting Committee Riley McCullough
Recruiting Committee Laura Korngiebel
Recruiting Committee Andrew Gileo
Recruiting Committee Christine Coleman
Recruiting Committee Maya Denzel
Philanthropy Chair Isabelle Sung
Philanthropy Committee Sophie Cichanowicz
Philanthropy Committee Natalie Elliot
Philanthropy Committee Jaya Kapoor
RMI Magazine, Editor-in-Chief  Joycelyn George
RMI Magazine, Assistant Editor-in-Chief  Addison Camisa 
RMI Magazine, Editor
Brooke Elderidge
Social Media Director
Anna Becker
Social Events Director
Chloe Schecter
Special Projects
Alexa Bolnick
Special Projects Carly Cieciura
Special Projects Emily Chao
Special Projects Camryn Yuen

RSSA supports Santa Clara University’s overall mission to teach conscience, competence, and compassion. The major skills RSSA members acquire are networking, communication and social skills, professional development, social responsibility, leadership, and ethical business ideals.

RSSA hosts a variety of events for Retail Studies students. Events and gatherings including quarterly dinners with industry innovators as guest speakers, exposure to industry executive and senior managers who share their expertise and insight, and opportunities to visit many of the world’s most influential brands and industry innovators who are leading and redefining the future of retail.



The San Francisco Bay Area is home to many of the world’s most influential brands and industry innovators who are leading and redefining the future of retail.

Corporate visits to and tours of Retail Management Institute’s alumni companies and partner organizations provide students with a behind-the scenes view of leading brand retailers such as Williams-Sonoma, Levi’s, Gap, Inc., Lolli&Pops, Stitch Fix, Target and more.



RMI directors collaborating with the RSSA executive board invites and hosts, each quarter, a dinner to meet and hear an industry speaker.

Past guest speakers have included many RMI alumni and retail innovators including Chairman & CEO of Cost Plus World Market, Google - Account Executive, Pinterest - Digital Experience Director, Founder - Bed Bandits, StitchFix – Chief Merchandiser & General Manager, Women’s, Nike - Vice President Women’s, to name just a few.

"Being a part of the RSSA Recruitment Committee has been really fulfilling for me
because I was able to meet potential new members and talk about my own
experience within RSSA. RMI has helped me in my career by prepping me for
interviews, assisting in building my resume, and connecting me with people in the

Robinette Johnson, RSSA Recruiting Committee
Marketing & Retail Studies
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