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Bronco Hack participant presenting his final product.

Bronco Hack participant presenting his final product.

BroncoHack 2019

BroncoHack is an annual 24-hour hackathon hosted by OMIS Student Network which encourages student from the bay area to create projects that solve for a social justice issue.


BroncoHack is an annual 24-hour hackathon hosted by OMIS Student Network which encourages students from the Bay Area to create projects that solve social justice issues. This year, it was hosted in Benson Hall California Mission Room on April 19th and 20th. Our judges this year were Alfred Hong and Shaun Biggs, senior engineer managers from Proofpoint, and Nick Mora from Accenture. All three judges, extremely qualified and knowledgeable about both business and technology, graded each of the 7 teams that completed the hackathon.

The first place winner is "NSpeck" with team members Matthew Mistele, Yuya Yabe, Kade Harmon, Tim Shur, and Micaela Gallegos. Nspeck is an online real estate platform that empowers homebuyers to acquire the knowledge necessary to make informed purchasing decisions by providing instant, affordable, and accurate home inspection reports. Their streamlined technology allows home inspectors to create electronic home inspections, upload them to our marketplace, and sit back while they collect royalties from subsequent purchases. Nspeck also integrates with Zillow and Airbnb to give prospective homebuyers a more well-rounded picture of the condition of a home. All of this aims at giving low-income homebuyers the opportunity to make their first steps in the real estate market - dramatically improving their lives.

The second place winner is "eVision" which was created by Oras Phongpanangam, Peter Ferguson, Andres Calle, Liying Liang, Yuhang Qian, and Faculty Advisor  Navid Shaghaghi. eVision provides a data-driven solution to the spreading epidemic of flu and other illnesses. The team had seen a growing number of flu patients across different strains each year. By analyzing public and proprietary data using machine learning techniques, they predicted in advance the trend of infection rate. They then provided these data to pharmaceutical companies, where even a one-week prediction can make a huge impact on the efficiency of producing medication, ensuring we can save more lives when we need to.

The third place winner is "GoodBuy" which was made by Carter Duncan, Austin Dickieson, Hayden Lewis, William Henrion, Olivia Hess, and Alexander Kennedy. GoodBuy is a social justice app that allows users to scan consumer goods to receive a score about how ethically the product was produced. This score is derived from data about how the company sources the labor as well as its carbon footprint. GoodBuy promotes businesses that are ethical and humane, by distinguishing them with a GoodBuy certification leaf, to assist consumers in making informed decisions about their purchases.

Congratulations to all that took part in BroncoHack 2019! To learn more about the OMIS Student Network and events like this, click here.

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