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Add Adventure to Your Next Steps
Check out year of service programs that SCU students and alums love!
Jesuit Volunteers share a commitment to social justice and serve one-year commitments in 37 cities and two-year commitments in 6 countries. Learn more
Participants become teachers during this two-year program where they work in low-income classrooms across the United States. Learn more
This international program sends participants to over 60 countries for two-year engagements tackling the pressing needs of people around the world. Learn more
Corps members help to bridge the gap between students and their potential in high-poverty communities across the country in this one-year program. Learn more
These fellows partner with local governments for one-year to develop digital tools that help make government work in the 21st century. Learn more
  See more year of service programs like AmeriCorps, Public Allies, MATCH Corps, and more here!


Want to work abroad? Check out these great resources!
Pack your bags and explore international opportunities with Going Global! 40+ career guides to help you find your way. Learn more
Short-term work, study, internship, volunteering, and teaching opportunities abroad. Learn more
  Login to Handshake and click on "Enter here for GoinGlobal" on the Handshake landing page. 

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