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Undergraduate Majors and Minors

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The College of Arts and Sciences offers students dozens of majors and minors. Ranging from the arts to the humanities to the natural and social sciences, many programs incorporate an interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary curriculum.

As part of a Santa Clara education, students are required to complete the core curriculum in addition to the requirements set by their chosen area of study. Students often choose to double major or supplement their major with a minor(s). Academic and peer advisors are available to help navigate the process of selecting, adding, or changing majors and minors.

Anthropology image cap


Major: Anthropology
Minor: Anthropology

Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies image cap

Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies

Minor: Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies

Art & Art History image cap

Art & Art History

Majors: Art History, Studio Art
Minors: Art History, Studio Art

Asian Studies image cap

Asian Studies

Minor: Asian Studies

Biology image cap


Major: Biology
Minors: Biology, Biotechnology

Catholic Studies image cap

Catholic Studies

Minor: Catholic Studies

Chemistry & Biochemistry image cap

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Majors: Chemistry, Biochemistry
Minor: Chemistry

Child Studies image cap

Child Studies

Major: Child Studies

Classics image cap


Major: Classics
Minor: Classics

Communication image cap


Major: Communication
Minor: Communication

Economics image cap


Major: Economics
Minor: Economics

English image cap


Major: English
Minors: English, Creative Writing, Professional Writing

Environmental Studies & Sciences image cap

Environmental Studies & Sciences

Majors: Environmental Studies, Environmental Science
Minor: Environmental Studies

Ethnic Studies image cap

Ethnic Studies

Major: Ethnic Studies
Minors: Ethnic Studies, Asian American Studies, African American Studies, Latina/o/x Studies

History image cap


Major: History
Minor: History

Individual Studies Program image cap

Individual Studies Program

Major: Individual Studies

Latin American Studies
 image cap

Latin American Studies

Minor: Latin American Studies

Mathematics & Computer Science image cap

Mathematics & Computer Science

Majors: Mathematics, Computer Science
Minors: Mathematics, Computer Science

Medieval & Renaissance Studies image cap

Medieval & Renaissance Studies

Minor: Medieval & Renaissance Studies

Modern Languages & Literatures image cap

Modern Languages & Literatures

Majors: French & Francophone Studies, Italian Studies, Spanish Studies
Minors: French & Francophone Studies, Italian Studies, Japanese Studies, Spanish Studies

Music image cap


Major: Music
Minor: Music

Musical Theatre image cap

Musical Theatre

Minor: Musical Theatre

Neuroscience image cap


Major: Neuroscience

Philosophy image cap


Major: Philosophy
Minor: Philosophy

Physics image cap


Major: Physics, Engineering Physics
Minor: Physics

Political Science image cap

Political Science

Major: Political Science
Minor: Political Science

Psychology image cap


Major: Psychology

Public Health image cap

Public Health

Major: Public Health
Minor: Public Health

Religious Studies image cap

Religious Studies

Major: Religious Studies
Minor: Religious Studies

Sociology image cap


Major: Sociology
Minor: Sociology

Sustainability image cap


Minor: Sustainability

Theatre & Dance image cap

Theatre & Dance

Major: Theatre Arts
Minor: Theatre, Dance, Theatre Design & Technology

Urban Education image cap

Urban Education

Minor: Urban Education

Women's and Gender Studies image cap

Women's and Gender Studies

Major: Women's and Gender Studies
Minor: Women's and Gender Studies

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