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Recent Tenure and Promotions


Promoted to the rank of Professor:
▪  Naomi Andrews, History
▪  Michelle Bezanson, Anthropology
▪  Amelia Fuller, Chemistry and Biochemistry
▪  Christopher Kulp, Philosophy
▪  Lawrence Nelson, Philosophy
▪  Anna Sampaio, Ethnic Studies
Receiving tenure and promoted to the rank of Associate Professor:
▪  Sonja Mackenzie, Public Health Science
▪  Cruz Medina, English
▪  Robin Nelson, Anthropology
▪  Thao Nguyen, S.J., Religious Studies
▪  Erick Ramirez, Philosophy
▪  Carolynn Roncaglia, Classics
▪  Sreela Sarkar, Communication
▪  Grace Stokes, Chemistry and Biochemistry
▪  Julia Voss, English
Promoted to the rank of Senior Lecturer:
▪  Marie Bertola, Modern Languages & Literatures
▪  Kenneth Faulve-Montojo, Political Science
▪  Mona Musa, Mathematics and Computer Science