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Alumni Profiles

Julie Dinh '17 in SCU Masters Program

Julie is pursuing a Masters in Education at SCU and is a student teacher at Lietz Elementary.

Emma Hyndman, Class of 2017

Emma is enrolled in a one-year Master’s in Sociology of Law at the University of the Basque Country, Spain.

A Writer's Life

Author Joe Tone reflects on his first book, the importance of journalism, and life at SCU.

Karina Myers '17

I’m really happy I ended up finding this major, because it provided a really unique opportunity to study what I love from a really unique perspective.

In the Field

Former Communication student and editor of the campus newspaper heads to The Washington Post.

Winning the Pulitzer

Tatiana Sanchez, who won a Pulitzer Prize in April, got her start in journalism courses and at The Santa Clara student newspaper.

Naina Ahuja

Naina Ahuja '16

After taking my first public health class, PHSC 1, I was extremely intrigued by this new approach- viewing health from a preventative lens instead of a treatment lens.

​Rachel Walker

A former student of ours who minored in Italian and graduated in 2015

Jennifer N. Hinds, Class of 2011

I always knew I was going to be an English major in college and my time at SCU made me realize this was the right choice for me.