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Alumni Profiles

Nick Benavides

Nicolás Lell Benavides ’10 shares how his Santa Clara experience and passion for composition led to the creation of his largest project to date: “Dolores.”

Meghana Reddy

Interview of Meghana Reddy '22 by Will Story '26

Simran Prasad

Simran is now working at the Kaiser Adult Psychiatry Department as a Mental Healthcare Fellow and Therapist.

Emma Bario

Emma has started a full time position at AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a global nonprofit founded during the HIV epidemic in 1987.

Alicia McNamara

Alicia has embarked on her journey to become a lawyer, starting law school at Seattle University.

Isaac Raven

From concrete formwork construction to a music doctorate scholar, Isaac Raven ’15 has put his SCU degrees to work!