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Free Curricula

These free character education lesson plans include material on the language arts, sciences, and social studies.


The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics has developed lesson plans that integrate ethical questions into the study of biology, human science, and earth science. All lesson plans map to the California State Standards for high school science classes. The curricula foster literacy and competence in scientific concepts, as well as prompting students to consider the ethical questions inherent in the ideas they are studying. 

  • Lesson plans for high schools on cells, genes, organ systems, etc.
  • Lesson plans for high schools on organisms, populations, ecosystems, etc.
  • Lesson plans for high schools on geology and the environment.

Social Studies

Free Character Education lesson plans for high school social studies courses are available from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, in addition to our subscription-only CBL Leadership Program, which combines literacy and history. Curricula explore U.S. and world history through the lens of values such as courage, responsibility, and justice. Lesson plans map to the California State Social Studies Standards. 

  • Lesson plans on colonialism, the American Revolution, civil rights movement, etc.
  • Lesson plans on the enlightenment, the industrial revolution, Latin America, etc.
  • Lesson plans on the history of Alaska's foundation.
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