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2019 Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC)

Venture Capital Investment Competition 2019

78 Schools from 13 Countries on 3 Continents

What is Venture Capital? 

Global VCIC is the world’s largest venture capital competition with over 70 universities competing. VCIC is the only place where students get to be VCs for the day. Venture Capitalists (VCs) are involved in investments in startups, disruptive technologies, and are the major engine for innovation in our economy.  VCIC is a role-playing competition in which you get to be venture capitalists (VCs) for the day.  Real startups come pitch to you, and real VCs judge the best VC team.  

UG team (2nd place) at Google for VCIC Competition

Who should compete at VCIC?  Any Student interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and venture capital.  Each school can send one five-person team per year.  Prior experience is not necessary!  You can also visit  for video tutorials and other resources to bring your team up to speed.

What if I don't know much about venture capital or investing?  No problem, VCIC is a great way to learn.  You can also visit VCIC for video tutorials and other resources to bring your team up to speed.

Teams have been selected for 2019 and the Competition is underway. 

Watch this page for the Fall dates for next year's competition!

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