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Service and Justice

We take the call to be women and men with and for others seriously. This means that you'll find countless opportunities to be in the service of others, whether at SCU or beyond.

Listed below are opportunities for service and accompaniment through Campus Ministry and other on-campus groups.

CRS Student Ambassador chapters form a national community of students committed to advancing global justice, peace, and human dignity. At SCU, it is run out of the Xavier RLC in collaboration with Campus Ministry. Chapters engage their campuses in learning about and acting on global emergencies and injustices through:

  • awareness campaigns
  • prayer services
  • candlelight vigils
  • faith-sharing groups
  • legislative advocacy
  • fundraising campaigns
  • CRS Rice Bowl
  • CRS Fair Trade
  • CRS Helping Hands

Contact Sylvia Rodriguez or Grace Lacayo for more detailed information.

We have a special connection between CLC and Luther Burbank elementary school in San Jose. There are different levels of involvement that will allow you to engage in ways that work for you. You can go once, weekly, or a few times a year. The relationships that students build with the children in the community are quite special. If you'd like to participate, contact McKenzie, Ethan, or Fr. Manh, or apply here.

Luther Burbank CLC

Involvement Form

Liturgical ministry is coordinated by various campus ministers and student leaders. Student ministers are assigned on a rotating basis to assist at the weekly liturgies, as well as at special celebrations. Students are invited to serve as liturgical ministers of the Word, the Eucharist, music, and hospitality. Music ministry provides wonderful opportunities for vocalists, instrumentalists, accompanists, cantors, dancers and planners.

The "Vinnies" are a group of students who partner with the St. Vincent dePaul Society of Santa Clara County and Modern Perspectives RLC. They follow the values and ethos of the St. Vincent dePaul Society to help make a difference in the lives of the needy in Santa Clara County.

During each academic break, the Immersions into domestic and international communities that have little access to wealth, power, and privilege.

Immersion experiences, both local and global, are designed to help participants see the world with new eyes, to recognize the unjust suffering of marginalized communities and individuals, and to allow those experiences to inform their vocational discernment.

The Ignatian Center strives to empower immersion participants to let the reality of this world into their lives, so they can learn to feel it, think about it critically, respond to its suffering, and engage it constructively.

These immersion experiences, and the profound reflection to which they naturally give rise, are privileged moments of vocational discernment during which participants are uniquely invited to consider their place in the world.

The Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP) is a community-based, service organization dedicated to applying activism and justice to address social issues in and around the campus community. SCCAP promotes social awareness, leadership for social justice, and compassion.

To get involved, students can volunteer with programs in 4 departments:

  • Empowerment
  • Education & Mentoring
  • Homelessness
  • Health & Disabilities

Contact Sydney or Avery with any questions you might have.

We've been participating in this since its inception in 2010 as a way to build understanding and relationship between people of different spiritual, religious, and philosophical traditions. If you'd likie to know more, get in touch with Gilly or Rev. Laura.


Watch the President's welcome to the attendees of the gathering in Washington, DC this past year, where Rev. Laura Brekke was in attendance.

Many Santa Clara University offices and organizations support undocumented students on campus. The contacts listed on this linked page have experience supporting undocumented students in many ways including the areas of religious and spiritual reflection; emotional and physical well-being; navigation of on and off-campus resources; academic, career and vocational advising and exploration; leadership and educational opportunities, advocacy; and peer support.