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Mitchell Gale

Spirituality Facilitator
Modern Perspectives RLC

As a third generation Bay Area native, I was incredibly happy to continue my education at Santa Clara by pursuing my Masters in Counseling Psychology. My dream is to eventually get a PhD in the field so that I could teach psychology at a four year university. I identify as a lifelong nerd and bookworm, and I always enjoy learning about the world by listening to people talk about their passions, hobbies, and professions. As a former student of a Jesuit high school I wanted to work in a position that espouses the same values that have informed and molded me for much of my life. As a spirituality facilitator I look forward to living the value of Cura Personalis, care for the individual person in a holistic manner. I'm hoping to provide students with a space to do anything from having a philosophical conversation, deal with homesickness, or just to stop by and play a game of Super Smash Bros.