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Gregory Dale Schultz

Campus Minister

I am honored to serve as Director of Liturgy and music, a role that allows me to share my passion as a Liturgist, Choral Director, Vocalist, Composer and practical theologian.

I received my Master of Divinity degree in 1992 from Yale Divinity School and a second Masters in Liturgy and Sacred Music from Yale Divinity in association with the Institute of Sacred Music, Worship and the Arts.

Prior to coming to SCU in 1995, I served in several parishes throughout the northeastern U.S. as Pastoral Associate, Youth Minister, Director of Music, and Liturgist, in addition to 2 years of ministry in the Episcopal Church. I have an ongoing connection with several Benedictine monasteries. I enjoy the richness of the Ignatian tradition and share a devotion to Eastern iconography.

I find myself most "at home" among the People of God doing what we do best . . . that is . . . gathering around the Lord's table, celebrating our life in Christ, and offering ourselves in Body, Word and Song as a living Sacrament, offered for the life of the world.

My family lives in Connecticut and Cape Cod, Massachusetts where I am privileged to visit and vacation every year.


Campus Ministry, Benson Center