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Science Scholars

The vision of the Gerald and Sally DeNardo Science Scholars program is to support the undergraduate research experience of outstanding science students with Santa Clara University faculty mentors. Scholars receive academic year and summer research awards, with additional resources for supplies and travel. The program is funded through a generous endowment created by Gerald and Sally DeNardo.

Meet the new 2020 Science Scholars

Ayush Kris
Ayush Kris '21
Studying the Adsorption of Chlorpromazine and Clozapine to Phospholipid Membranes

Faculty Mentor: Grace Stokes

Mireille Martinez '21
Biology and Spanish
Longitudinal Study of Student Commensal E. coli

Faculty Mentor: Craig Stephens

Tannaz Azimi '22
Understanding the Symbolic and Nonsymbolic Representations of Numbers and their Relationship to Math Learning Disabilities in Children

Faculty Mentor: Lang Chen

Brian Hong
Brian Hong '22
Developing methods to study interactions of engineered nanomaterials with proteins

Faculty Mentor: Korin Wheeler

Ethan Schauer '22
Genotoxic Impurity Toxicity Screening through Capillary Electrophoresis

Faculty Mentor: Steven Suljak