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Campus Climate 2019

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“It is central to our shared Jesuit, Catholic mission to support those in our community who are vulnerable and marginalized. None of us can be satisfied until everyone feels respected, included, and valued. We all have collective ownership of our campus climate.”

Michael E. Engh, S.J., President


Inclusion, respect and trust throughout the Santa Clara community are the pillars on which an enriching academic environment is built.  

In 2018, Santa Clara conducted a Campus Climate Study as a direct response to the recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Commission on Diversity and Inclusion and the Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion. The climate survey offered members of the university community the opportunity to describe their personal experience and observations, and to offer suggestions for change to help enhance the campus climate at Santa Clara. Nearly 3,000 students, faculty, and staff participated.

The findings of the study were released to everyone in the SCU community in the fall of 2018. It showed areas of strength and progress; but also areas that need actions to address.  The Executive Summary, Forum Presentation and Final Report are available for download.

Ten priorities have emerged that will receive careful attention and action in 2019.  These were identified through conversations and consultations during Fall Quarter 2018 between SCU President Michael Engh and with the Campus Climate Study co-chairs, the Planning Action Council University Policy Committee, and a broad range of community members.

This work has already begun with some of the progress highlighted in the Latest Updates page.

This site is meant to provide an overview of Campus Climate Response, share supporting documents related to this work, and communicate the progress that is taking place throughout our community.  

Most importantly, this site can be the entry point to provide your thoughts, ideas and questions.  It also provides opportunities to get involved in this work to improve the campus climate that belongs to all of us at SCU.

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Campus Climate Study Resources

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