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Application for Diversity Grants

Administered by the Office for Diversity and Inclusion

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion provides grants to support
 - the recruitment of underrepresented minorities to faculty positions
 - the enhancement of an inclusive campus climate through curricular or co-curricular programming

Applications for funding may be submitted at any time, and grants normally are limited to $5,000 per academic year. Please provide information to address the issues below. Send proposals to with "Diversity Grant Proposal" in the subject line.
I. Goals and Impact
  • Explain how the proposed project will create a more inclusive climate at Santa Clara University and/or enhance the recruitment of underrepresented minorities to faculty positions.

II. Budget

  • Provide a simple budget that identifies the purpose of the funds you are requesting. Indicate whether other offices or organizations have been asked to collaborate on your project and whether additional funds have been solicited from or are being provided by another source.
  • Specify the amount of the additional funding that has been either secured or requested.

III. Assessment
  •  Indicate how the project will be assessed (e.g., identify and briefly describe proposed project goals and indicators to be used to measure project success).
  •  At project completion, submit a brief report assessing the identified using the identified measures of success. Send the report to 

IV. Participants

  •  Provide the name and contact information for the primary applicant.
  •  Provide names and describe expected roles and contributions of other participants, if applicable.

Review Process
  •  Applicants normally will be notified of a decision within three weeks of having submitted a proposal.
  •  Applications are welcome from faculty and staff, with priority given to full-time faculty and staff.
  •  Proposals that involve collaboration among colleagues and/or units are encouraged.
  •  Applicants are encouraged to identify potential measures for long-term sustainability or impact in the proposal.

Note: Students seeking diversity grants should work with the Office for Multicultural Learning (see OML Student Grants). In some cases a project may be jointly funded by the Office for Multicultural Learning and the Office for Diversity and Inclusion. Students may collaborate with faculty or staff to submit a grant proposal to the Office for Diversity and Inclusion.
Please e-mail or call 408-551-3383 with questions or for more information.