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Spring 2024 Faculty Workshops

Spring 2024 Faculty Lunch-and-Learn Workshops: Getting Ready for Mandatory May Advising

Advising Basics Workshop
Monday, April 15

11:45am-12:45pm, Benson Center, Parlor B

This workshop is designed for those who need help getting started with advising students at SCU. The workshop will include advising responsibilities for faculty and resources available to support advisors. In the workshop, you will use Workday to identify your advising cohort, access students’ academic progress and additional student information for advising, and navigate the course selection process when helping students. This workshop is also a chance to get your basic advising questions answered!


Facilitator: Diana Morlang, Political Science Department and Drahmann Center

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Advising and The Core Curriculum
Wednesday, April 17

11:45am-12:45pm, Benson Center, Parlor B

This workshop will review SCU’s Undergraduate Core Curriculum and the different ways students complete their Core requirements.  In this workshop, you will learn about policies that affect when and how students complete some core requirements.  You will be encouraged to think about how the core integrates with department requirements, and promotes a holistic education.

Facilitator: Andrew Ishak, Communication Department and Director of the Undergraduate Core Curriculum

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Advising Beyond the Major
Thursday, April 18

12:15-1:15pm, Benson Center, Parlor B

Advising meetings can be complicated when students have multiple majors and/or minors; transfer credit; AP/IB credit; NCAA Division 1 Athlete status; are International Students.  Learn how to effectively advise a variety of students as they navigate multiple programs and policies.

Facilitator: Katie Heintz, Communication Department and Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies

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Advising Students in the Context of New SCU Policies
Monday, April 22

11:45am-12:45pm, Lucas Hall, Room 126

This workshop will address recent changes to SCU policies that affect how we advise students. The three major policy changes that will be discussed are: changes to financial aid awards; changes to the transfer credit policy; and changes to retaking classes and how GPA is calculated. This workshop will focus on how to adapt your advising to help students navigate these changes in policy.

Facilitators: Laura Fujieda, Dean of Academic Support Services;  Diana Morlang, Political Science Department and Drahmann Center

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