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Transfer Students

The Drahmann Center offers support services to students who transfer from other colleges and universities. We assist students in making as smooth of a transition into SCU as possible by helping students make connections with the community and develop their academic and career goals.

What services do we offer?

  • Academic Advising & Counseling
    • Understand academic policies and requirements
    • Navigate campus and academic resources
    • Explore academic and career goals and graduation planning
  • Programs & resources
    • Academic success workshops
    • Transfer transition advising sessions
    • Transfer Student Panel?
    • Connecting with campus resources such as Career Center, LEAD Scholars, Office of Accessible Education and more

Our advising approach:

  • Rooted in Cura Personalis (Latin for “care for the person”)
  • Holistic: Educating the whole person
  • Solutions oriented
  • Relationship based
  • Multiculturally focused

Schedule an appointment with us!
Matriculated students can schedule an appointment via Zoom with an academic advisor by emailing or make an online appointment using Insight.

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