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Academic Planning Resources

Welcome to SCU and the Bronco community!

Here are some resources that would be helpful in your academic transition to SCU. It is essential that you prepare for your SCU transition by reviewing these resources as they will help you plan your academic journey at SCU effectively.

1) General guideline for requirements that can be completed before you start at SCU

  1. Core curriculum
  2. Foundational requirements for major such as Calculus or Natural Sciences
  3. Other Language requirements up to Elementary level 3
  4. Any major specific requirements that can be completed at your previous institution
  5. Transfer Admissions

Please note that you can take summer classes at SCU or your previous institution to complete some more requirements before you matriculat

2) Additional Resources

  1. Course Avail: This website provides a schedule of courses offered for the upcoming quarter, along with course descriptions, and a running count of seats available. Here you can also access a list of courses tentatively scheduled for future quarters, which can help in your course planning.
  2. Course Evaluations: This website allows you to access student evaluation of professors and courses. Almost every student completes these evaluations, so these evaluation scores are an excellent measure of how other students viewed the course and the professor. Do not use to select courses. Students have been misled by extremely positive or negative reviews by a small number of "emphatic" students.
  3. Google Academic Planning Template (Make a copy or download it for your own use)
  4. Links to webinars and campus resources videos we created last summer
    1. Campus resources at SCU
    2. Electronic resources at SCU
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