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Newly Admitted


Welcome to Santa Clara University!

We are excited to have you join the Bronco community! Transitioning into a new university as a transfer student can be very daunting. It also requires careful planning and preparation and the Drahmann center is here to help you navigate through this process.

Here are some important steps you will need to take to begin planning your transition to SCU

    1) Review your academic progress

    1. A quarter/semester prior to your start at SCU, review your transcript to determine how many of your credits transfer and in which categories
      1. Major requirements
      2. Core requirements
      3. Electives

    In our experience, many transfer students have sufficient units to have sophomore or junior "standing," but in their majors, they are often a year behind in completing major requirements. Please see the Undergraduate Bulletin for the most updated information about majors and core requirements

    2) Utilize Transfer Guides to determine applicable course transfers

    1. Our Transfer Guides will help you determine which courses fill core and/or major requirements: Transferring Credits
    2. Start with the General Transfer Guide to determine which requirements you have already completed before transferring to SCU

    3) Utilize Major checklists to plan your academic path

    1. College of Arts & Sciences Major Checklist
    2. Leavey School of Business Major Checklists
    3. College of Engineering Major Checklists

    4) Design a Course Plan

    It is very important to design a course plan to complete your degree prior to your decision to matriculate.

    1. Reach out to the Chair of your major department as they will be a valuable resource in evaluating your course plan.
    2. Schedule an appointment with a Drahmann academic advisor if you are unable to meet with your major department.

    5) Attend the Admitted Students Academic Advising and Registration session in the summer

    1. Make sure you have registered for a session over the summer.
    2. Utilize the Academic Planning Resources provided here prior to attending an advising and registration workshop.

    6) Continue to stay connected with your Drahmann advisor or faculty advisor

    Academic advisors are a tremendous resource and can help you with all of the following:

    • Understanding academic policies and procedures
    • Important academic deadlines
    • Time management, study skills, and general academic success and planning
    • Support through life circumstances that might impact your academics
    • Explore career resources and life after graduation

    9) Get Involved Beyond the Classroom {Add links to the appropriate departments/ centers}

    1. Study Abroad
    2. Internships & career related opportunities
    3. Research & Independent Study: Refer to your specific major/ departmental webpages
    4. Leadership and Campus Involvement
    5. Fellowships
    Make an Appointment