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Catholic Masters (CatMat)

In addition to the General Requirements an applicant for CatMAT must fulfill the specific requirements stated below.

Application Materials for Preliminary MS/SS Teaching Credential Program for CURRENTLY-EMPLOYED CATHOLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS

  • Personal Statement Instructions and Prompt

A personal statement is a required part of the clear credential program application. We give careful consideration to the content of your personal statement and use your statement as evidence of your ability to express your ideas in a clear and engaging manner.

For applicants with no prior Catholic school teaching experience:

Please compose a statement focused on your reasons for becoming a Catholic schoolteacher and your experiences that have prepared you for a Catholic school teaching career (especially your work with children or youth). Conclude by discussing the connections between your reasons for becoming a Catholic schoolteacher, your experiences that prepared you for this career, and your goals as a learner in Santa Clara University’s preliminary teaching credential program.

For applicants who have already been working as Catholic school teachers (including teachers pursuing the preliminary credential via the Abbreviated Route)

Please compose a statement focused on your recent Catholic school teaching experiences. Please be sure to include:

  • Relevant background information about the context and the specific work you do there.
  • Description of the aspects of the experience you find most engaging and/or meaningful.
  • Thoughtful discussion of the impact of your work experiences on your personal and professional learning goals for the teaching credential program.

Additional guidelines for your personal statement:

  • Respond to all parts of the prompt.
  • Focus on highlighting activities that demonstrate your commitment to Social Justice, Multiculturalism and Diversity.
  • Limit your statement to two typed, double-spaced pages.
  • You must not receive any assistance writing or editing the personal statement; it must be your own original work.

Required form for the Preliminary MS/SS Credential Program Applicants

This form is a required part of your application to SCU’s Preliminary MS/SS Credential Program. Please complete the form in its entirety, arrange for your principal to complete and sign the form and send it to the Admissions Office by email to