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Masters in Counseling & Counseling Psychology

In addition to the General Requirements an applicant for Master of Arts in Counseling and Counseling Psychology must fulfill the specific requirements stated below

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0, undergraduate grade point average (GPA) is required.
  • In addition, admission to the master’s degree programs requires prior academic excellence at the bachelor’s degree or higher level and the estimate of the admissions office of the student’s potential to be a successful counselor. Because the state license in MFT and LPCC allows its holder to engage in private practice using psychotherapeutic and counseling techniques, and because all counseling psychology graduates are likely to work in the human services arena, candidates will be selected on the basis of:
  1. Experience
  2. Previous academic background
  3. Maturity with regard to life experience and professional goals.
  • Related work experience:

Those candidates who present significant work or volunteer experience in counseling-related activities will stand to benefit most from the program itself and in subsequent counseling  endeavors. Therefore, in admissions decisions, strong preference will be given to those who have   accrued real work (including volunteer) experience in counseling (at any level) prior to seeking admissions to the master’s program.

  • Applicants to the MFT or LPCC track should be prepared and sufficiently motivated to complete the experience requirement as set forth by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences upon completion of the degree program.

Letters of recommendation should be from three people who have served in supervisory or evaluative roles with you.  This may include professors, instructors, bosses or managers, job supervisors, clinical supervisors, volunteer coordinators or supervisors of volunteer work, pastors, or similar.  This should not include personal friends or personal therapists.  We realize that letters from three such individuals may not be possible for some applicants.  If you will be requesting a letter from someone that does not fit these guidelines, please briefly explain why; the expectation is that the people writing letters for you should still be able to comment on your professional capacity as a counselor.